Monday, November 03, 2008

Keith Olbermann: Not the worst person in the world, but still kind of a tool, IMHO

Ok, so this weekend, SNL had Ben Affleck doing a parody of Keith Olbermann.

I thought it went on too long, but was actually pretty funny.

Olbermann, however, didn't like it so much. His full reaction is here. Basically, him being made fun of is part of a massive conspiracy:

Since spring they've been trying to cajole, sweet-talk, bully, threaten, blackmail, and bribe everybody at NBC from the pages to the presidents to get the milquetoast coverage they want - especially to shut me down.

This reminds me of nothing so much as Michael Moore's claims that his movie Canadian Bacon flopped because of a Hollywood Conspiracy, when the truth of the matter is it sucked.


NOTE: Folks in the comments have mentioned that they think Olbermann was being tongue in cheek here. If so, we're reading it really differently, though Wonkette and New York Magazine and MediaBistro all read it the way I did. That said, I will confess that I don't see why it would remotely be in Conservatives' best interest to shut him down. Much like with Bill O'Reilly on the other side, I doubt he wins over anyone who didn't agree with him in the first place and he serves as a useful example of the evils of the other side to those with disagree with him.

And Olbermann himself certainly doesn't shy away from hinting at violence, so that someone did the same to him is unfortunate, but nothing new.


Anonymous said...

The quote you highlight is Olbermann talking about the attack McCain launched at him at the Al Smith dinner, which was decidedly unfunny and even smacked of violence.

On Friday, Olbermann announced the upcoming sketch on SNL because he went over to their studio to help Ben Affleck get the character down. So, I think a lot of this is tongue-in-cheek.

Anonymous said...


Like Jess, I did not read Olberman's comments in the same way you did...

And I can say that... my nightly news loyalty is to Rachel Maddow...

Yours in Faith,


Anonymous said...

If you get the chance to, go over to the Countdown website and watch Friday's episode. Keith makes a special note that Ben was going to do a sketch about him and that he had given Ben pointers on how to imitate him.

Keith is very good at taking parody and jokes aimed at him. Which is why David Letterman invited him over when McCain cancelled on him and then when McCain showed up.