Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In honor of my insane busyness, it's make your own joke day at the Chaliceblog!

Ann Coulter broke her jaw and had to have it wired shut.

Best snarky comment gets a used book.



epilonious said...

"Some people cause happiness wherever they go; others, when they go"

Scott Wells said...

"And lab mice nationwide sigh with relief."

Malnurtured Snay said...

Too bad no one thought to break her fingers and wire those shut, too!

CCUU Web Mangler said...

Some years ago in a similar incident Ann Coutier fell on her head and so had to have that wired shut already.

Chalicechick said...

Ok, let's go ahead and assume that theoretical further violence to Ms. Coulter is not funny.

And CCUU, if you're from Community Church Unitarian Universalist in New Orleans, tell everybody "hi" for me.

who gave serious consideration to coming back to NOLA for Peg Murison's funeral, and still has one of her sculptures.

Joel Monka said...

I had considered reporting this under the headline, "Ann Coulter contributes to the smooth transition"

Toonhead said...

Who's going to fellate Sean Hannity for the next few weeks?

Christmas has come early this year.

Charlie Talbert said...

A Flower Does Not Speak

Silently a flower blooms,
in silence she sinks to earth,
nevertheless here and now, in this moment, in this place,the whole flower, the whole world is blooming.

Zenkei Shibayama, Zen e Ikebono master

kimc said...

Perhaps the flames she breathes will cook her liver?