Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"What? Candy is tasty!"

As I drove up from Charlotte, theCSO read me the really interesting Philocrites discussion about seeking definition for UUism. I have many fine and fascinating things to say about it, none of which I feel like getting into right now as I'm pretty beat from the drive.

Somewhere around Staunton, Virginia, Manfred Mann's The Mighty Quinn came up on the XM radio.

I mentioned how as a kid, I'd wopndered what the song was about but assumed that it was a heroic eskimo. TheCSO suggested "Quinn the Eskimo" was a sideshow attraction. The Wikipedia entry suggested it was about drugs.

This inspired a long discussion about several songs, the most hotly debated of which was I Want Candy, a song CC had heard was about heroin. The literal-minded CSO was convinced that it was, in fact, about candy.

TheCSO and CC know almost nothing of illegal drugs or drug culture, so please, clue us in:

and while we're at it:


Anonymous said...

I am unfamiliar with "I want candy" and I don't know about Quinn the Eskimo, but back when I was a teen, songs that mentioned candy were usually about drugs. (that's the 60s -- a great time to have been a teen in Marin County)

Anonymous said...

I had always thought candy meant sex, but looking back now, yeah I could see drugs. I'd still vote sex, though, if it were on your poll.

- Spring Dew

PeaceBang said...

Sex IS a drug. And so is candy.

Your honor, I rest my case.

indrax said...

I always thought it was about a girl named Candy.
candy on the beach there's nothin better
but i like candy when it's wrapped in leather
someday soon i'll make her mine
and then i'll have candy all the time

How else is that to be interpreted?
Drugs wrapped in leather?

Every song is about sex in some form or another, but this is a bit more specific.

Chalicechick said...

The first verse says it's about a guy.


Anonymous said...

jeez, the memories of slamdancing to bow wow wow's cover of "i want candy" -- must've been the early 80's -- but bow wow wow *covered* that song, don't remember the original, but do vaguely remember other versions where "candy" is female, even miscellaneously gendered -- always heard that as a song about gender-bending leather sex, maybe a little d/s thrown in for good measure -- the whole bdsm thang was coming into the open in the new wave scene at the time, lots of leather and piercings worn in the open for the first time -- yeah so anyway it was just a song that was good to slamdance and pogo to.

Anonymous said...

I don't really care what songs were about originally; I tend to start building them into soundtracks for the never-to-be-made movies of books. Quinn the Eskimo goes with a romance novel series where the beloved patriarch is called the Mighty Quinn and the family builds ships.

Anonymous said...

"When Quinn the Eskimo gets here, everybody's gonna want to doze" - dozing, nodding, the same thing - He's bringin in the heroin.

I like Candy when its wrapped in leather (also a sweater) - Sex.