Friday, December 30, 2005

Mistakes worth making?

I know that I'm supposed to feel like this kid is stupid for running off to Iraq, but I have actually always admired kids who did stuff like this.

As a teenager, I had the same impulsiveness, belief in my own immortality and desire to get out of my house and see the world. I never did anything half so interesting with it.



PeaceBang said...

I LOVE that his name is "Farris." Perhaps inspired by another "Ferris'" cinematic day off?

I think the kid is a total idealist. I'm just glad he's safe. What a stunt. I gotta admire his cajones; he seems quite sincere.

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled as to how it is people can just fly to Iraq if Americans aren't supposed to go there randomly. I realize that we of course don't have an embargo on Iraq as we do on Cuba, but if it's really bad for us to go to Iraq without some kind of official sanction, why not institute a policy similar to that with travel to Cuba where you have to show that your travel has been approved?

I thought the stunt was kind of cool and gutsy, but I bet you didn't have as much money to hand as a teenager as this kid apparently does. I didn't have immediate access to enough money for a plane ticket overseas before I went to college

Chalicechick said...

Apparently his family is from Iraq originally, which helped him get the travel visa.

As for the money, your guess is as good as mine.