Saturday, December 31, 2005

CC answers the Seven Meme

A. Seven things to do before I die
1. Write that novel.
2. Figure out way to reverse T-cell receptors
3. Negotiate settlement between Palestine and Israel
4. Save baby from burning building
5. Develop Cold Fusion
6. Take award-winning photographic series of old ladies that redefines society’s standard of beauty.
7. Loose some weight as to leave a better-looking corpse.

B. Seven things I cannot do
1. Diet
2. Keep my house neat.
3. Paint as well as I want to, I just don’t have the fine motor control to copy what’s in my head.
4. Understand physics as well as someone who has had calculus.
5. Dance
6. Meditate without starting to think about sex or falling asleep.
7. Completely stop swearing, though I’m trying.

C. Seven things that attract me to ...
1. My husband: his fabulous ability to talk to me for hours about anything
2. My friends: Their brilliance and how much I learn from them
3. Houses full of books: Hiding from the world with a shell of books around me.
4. Ministers: their thoughtfulness.
5. Professors: their understanding of my lust for books
6. Cats: their independent natures.
7. Photography: The chance to show other people the world as I see it.

D. Seven things I say most often
1. “Well, there is that”
2. “Well, I, for one…”
3. “It’s just me talking, but…’
4. “I like (first thing), (second thing), not so much.”
5. “I heart (thing)”
6. “Wanna go out for dinner?”
7. “Say something interesting”

E. Seven books (or series or genres or topics) that I love
1. Robertson Davies’ Leaven of Malice, What’s Bred in the Bone and World of Wonders , especially, but really everything he has ever written.
2. The Oxford companion to..well, pretty much anything.
3. George Eliot’s Middlemarch
4. Mysteries, especially those with really smart female detectives. (Margaret Maron especially.)
5. Oliver Sacks’ books about abnormal psychology.
6. Lisa Alther’s books about women.
7. Anything about Richard Feynman or Katharine Hepburn, both of whom fascinate me.

F. Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had time)
1. The Philadelphia Story
2. Tea with Mussolini
3. Joe vs. the Volcano
4. Cold Comfort Farm
5. UHF
6. Primary Colors
7. Radioland Murders


Anonymous said...

On the subject of mysteries -- what do you think of Dorothy Sayers' murder mysteries?
Many years ago, when I was in the hospital for surgery, a friend of mine brought me two books to read. Of one of them she said, "I know you don't usually read murder mysteries, but they're really good hospital reading because they're very absorbing, so I brought you the best one ever written." It was "Strong Poison" and I have read it about seven times -- it's a good enough novel that it doesn't matter if you know how it comes out. (the other book was what she thought was one of the best Gothic Novels -- it is true I've never found another I liked as well, but I haven't read many -- it was called "The Foundling" and it involved a very beautiful, but slightly retarded, ward....)

LaReinaCobre said...

Cold Comfort Farm is hilarious! Once in a while I whip out my VHS tape and watch it. Never fails to crack me up.

Anonymous said...

I like Cold Comfort Farm and love the Philadelphia Story, though my all-time favorite Hepburn-Tracy movie (and also my favorite law movie) is Adam's Rib.