Friday, December 16, 2005

Funny stuff CC and CSO talked about during the Apprentice Finale (Part 1)

I rearranged these to put them in order

(We’re rooting for Rebecca, BTW. CC has been rooting for Rebecca and Alla since early on.)

-It would kick ass to be the reality show editors. This show would be totally unwatchable were it not for the behind-the-scenes geniuses who play a Trumpet fanfare whenever Trump enters the room. Snark, sweet snark.

-Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a reality show that was a competition for reality show editors? The contestants could all be chubby nerds in Star Trek shirts who could compete to see who could make the funniest cut of the same footage? I would watch.

-That Chanel commercial with Nicole Kidman is gorgeous.

-People who think that for someone to ask for money at a fundraiser is tacky, are unclear on the concept of “fundraiser.” Actually, judging by the scene some old ladies made when they actually had to PAY for a wine tasting at a church fundraiser last year, LOTS of people are unclear on the concept of “fundraiser.” That said, that the clients told Rebecca not to fundraise is not at all Rebecca’s fault.

-Given all Trumpy says he has given to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation, one would think they could afford some signage. That they didn’t provide any is not Rebecca’s fault.

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