Monday, December 05, 2005

Conflicted Feelings on the Big Monkey

Ever since I saw the mini-documentary in the preview for Harry Potter, I've been really into seeing the new King Kong remake. Apparently, it is the movie Peter Jackson has wanted to make since he was a kid and it looks like it will be a kickass fountain of spectacle.

However, Angry Black Bitch makes a convincing case that the story well, sort of sucks from a political perspective.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, please… staking the girl out as a sacrifice to the monster is a storyline going back to ancient Greece - in fact there’s an almost identical scene in “Clash of the Titans”. Why would they choose the blonde for sacrifice? Let me see… I can sacrifice my own daughter, flesh of my flesh, or the snooty New Yorker. Duh…The rest of the story is just another variation of “Beauty and the Beast”- another storyline dating back to ancient Greece. It’s even possible that these storylines predate western knowledge of the existence of other races! Can’t anything ever be taken at face value?