Friday, December 23, 2005

Kinda weird to see somebody else blogging my Christmas

The CSO and I are the friends mentioned here.

Tongiht, I ended up giving a rude lady the bitchface.

I was coming out of a big chain store and the cashier told me Happy Holidays.

"Yeah, you too..." I muttered.

So far so good. But she said "Happy Holidays" to the next lady in line, who responded "And Merry Christmas to you!" in a snappish tone of voice.

So rude lady got the bitchface.

Well deserved.


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Psyton said...

I am happy I got to see "the bitchface"

I hope to generate one of my own and use it in my resolution to be more confrontational in real life in times that warrant it.

When I think "actually, this is completely the wrong sandwhich, would you mind taking it back and getting me (repeat order)" or "whoopsy, I meant to get the Firewire one, could you switch it out for me? I'm sorry for the hassle" is a rude confrontation... I know I have problems.