Sunday, December 18, 2005

A conservative UU blog

I had lunch with BITB last week, and we bored our significant others with talk of the blogosphere.

Wouldn't it be nice, one of us, possibly me said, if there were some blogs by politically conservative UUs.

I recall mentioning my fondness for The Modo blog and saying how sorry I was that Joel Monka doesn't have a blog.

Anyway, I stumbled across Early Riser and that also seems to fit the bill as a good conservative blog, although it is pretty new.

I've been keeping my eyes open for new blogs and will try to highlight them.

I'm starting to think that a UU Blog Carnival not unlike The Carnival of Feminists or a collaborative version of my old blog reviews at CoffeeHour, might be a really good thing for the UU blogosphere.

Anybody up for it?

I'll host the first one if other people sound into it.



Steve Caldwell said...

Here are two conservative UU blogs that you might have missed:

Bill Baar's West Side

Crystal Clear

Of course, given the assumption that Unitarian Universalists are more leftish than the public at large, where is our movement's "moderate center" and what blogs would represent it?

Chalicechick said...

I try to be a moderate center.


Steven Rowe said...

there are other conservative UU blogs- - but the problem with this is how do we define conservative and liberal?
Is trade protectionism conservative or liberal?
Is shoping at big buisness conservative or liberal?
Foolish spending?

all of those have proponents on both sides of the aisle...
Am I conservative or liberal?
while my main blog is historical only -- politics always creeps into how we define history --- which may be why I havent takled those historical events yet!

and of course CC: everybody says they're the moderate center and voice of reason!

(oh, thanks for the Happy Christmas card!)

Anonymous said...

I'm touched... I have wanted to do a blog, but have been so busy I keep having to remind myself to be there for friends and family, if I want them to be there when I need them. I'm hoping to get one of my books sent off this spring, then perhaps...

Anonymous said...

Although he focuses more on poetry than politics the "Shadow of Diogenes" is a conservative Unitarian blogger.

Check out this joke from his site:
"(Q) What is the difference between a Liberal and a puppy? A Puppy stops whining after it grows up. "

Chalicechick said...

Most people I now view themselves as either liberal or conservative.

Oh, and Paul has clearly never met stupid dog.


Bill Baar said...

I feel more left than right. The big questions today are about how and when the US intervenes and uses power. Liberals and Conservatives can fall on different sides of that divide.

The social issues can seem to divide but I think the country is pretty life and let live on those.

The one issue I really have changed my thinking about is abortion. I've come to believe laws should be much more restrictive there. I think overturning Roe would be a very good thing and that this issue should be put into the legislatures. I thing that would harm Republicans more then Democrats.

I'm always troubled when a faith becomes overly identified with a political movement. I don't see it in my Church but it's pervasive in the blogs I read.

Do let me know should you ever try and gather as an informat group of UU bloggers. I'm fascinated with it and the networks of people I've made. People I never would have met otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that Beacon press publishes the extremely sexist manhating pro-gender-cide (as in kill all the men) writings of Mary Daley and somehow considers that in line with "UU Values"? I have a problem with that.

Anonymous said...

I am generally of a Conservative bent, but I tend to be liberal in the matter of personal freedom.