Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Does anybody here know how to open up a legal defense fund?

It would be nice to have one for Cory Maye and his public defender is willing to help set it up.

I'd give.



Anonymous said...

You have a few options:

1. Setting up a 501c3 for his defense alliance. Once that's established a bank will set up an account.

2. Setting up an account under a willing organization/person's name.
When we set up Parents for Peace, there just so happened to be another group (non profit) that dealt with funding for various groups in the area and allowed us to tag along with them.

3. Funds directly sent to the law firm. When I worked on one for a midwife in prison we set up a defense alliance and found that the best thing for her was to request funds to be sent directly to her lawyer to pay the bill.


Robin Edgar said...

The Dagger of Sweet Reason says -

Who needs a legal defense fund when you can have none other than Donald H. Rumsfeld as your own personal Secretary of Defence?! ;-)

The U*U Jihad® will continue to shock and awe U*Us until U*Us unconditionally surrender and agree to the inspection and destruction of their U*Ueapons of mass distraction. . .

Allah prochaine,

The Dagger of Sweet Reason


Chalicechick said...

Thanks guys, though it looks like people way ahead of me.