Thursday, November 02, 2006

Like a butterfly collection

I wrote at one point about my wedding pictures and how strange it is, not even two years later, to look at them and see children when they were smaller, dead people when they were alive, divorced couples when they were at least apparently happy.

I'm sort of slow on the uptake when it comes to pictures. On some level, I think I expect them to behave as pictures tend to in Harry Potter books, updating themselves to match the present reality. It's weird to look back at pictures and fumble for what we should have seen. Is the soon-to-be-divorced wife's smile a little forced as her husband smiles for the camera with his arm around her?

Maybe. Maybe not.

It's weird how people can look the same for decades, then they get sick and very quickly start to look old. And it's weird to look at yourself as a child and wonder if any of that innocence is still there.



Anonymous said...

Photographs are weird. I love looking at them. Especially photographs of dead people. That reminds me of a blogpost I've been meaning to write for months and haven't gotten around to yet.

Did you know that the title of your blog, "ChaliceBlog" is in black letters and nearly invisible against the black background? I didn't even notice it until today.

I only say this because my new blog design is a headache.

Anonymous said...

On my screen, the background isn't black -- it's sort of bronzey. Weird if they are different....

Anonymous said...

It depends on the browser you're using. It's black in Firefox, bronze in Internet Explorer.

My personal blog doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer, which I think accounts for some of the dropoff in traffic. I haven't had the time and patience to go through the code and figure out why it throw the "stack overflow error" in IE.

Anonymous said...

What's a "butterfuly"?


Chalicechick said...


It's a typo that's now fixed.

Anonymous said...

I thought it had some possibilities if you added the obvious extra l:

It conjures up feelings of warm and rich....