Thursday, November 16, 2006

Be CC's virtual coworker

Linguist Friend and I are virtual coworkers. Every morning we swap emails with lame chitchat about our lives, how we slept, what we're having for dinner and what is going on at our respective offices. What people who are good friends with their coworkers talk about at the water cooler.

He's in Miami at a conference without email and I'm really starting to miss it.

So tell me, how did you sleep? Any plans for the day? Any gossip in your offices?

I didn't sleep well, took a long time to get there and kept waking up. I've been having nightmares recently.

My day looks pretty dull. Lots of monkey work and I haven't figured out what I'm making for dinner. Maybe pork stir-fry.

And the big gossip in my office these days is that one of the partners liked to take his secretary to lunch to talk over business (FWIW, knowing the two folks involved, it is inconcievable it could have been anything dirty) and another secretary said the first secretary was getting special treatment. So now EVERY boss is supposed to take out EVERY secretary for lunch once a month and at least one secretary is openly unhappy about having to go.

Also, the office Christmas party is coming up. It's semi-formal and nobody has anything to wear.

So what's up with you?


PS. Re: America's Next Top Model last night. If I were Tyra Banks, and an African-American girl on my reality show was supposed to kiss a male model, and that male model said he didn't like black girls, I would say "I don't like unprofessional bigots" and fire his ass. I realize that "Kiss him anyway, and make him look like he likes it" is the answer in the real world, but the real world doesn't have challenges where people have to do their own makeup in five minutes and still look like a model.

If your reality show is going to be contrived and unrealistic, I think they should occaisionally use the contrivedness and unrealism to do the right thing.


Joel Monka said...

I've been helping with the final disbursement of my father in law's effects, and cleaning his house for the new owner- which is also why my blog entries have been sporadic the last two weeks. He was the scion of his family, and there are at least three generations of family memorabilia dating back to the 19th century to deal with. A word to anyone with a house filled with family treasures: start a journal! No matter how carefully the treasures are preserved, what is lost is the history, the stories... what is it, where did it come from, is there a story behind that notch in the corner? Whose lock of hair is in that little ceramic box?

Anonymous said...

I hope ANTM isn't setting us up for CariDee's downfall!

I thought Eugenie looked the best in the Secret ad, but Melrose did have the best body language. But I don't want Melrose to win!

Chalicechick said...

Yeah, I would miss Caridee terribly.

I don't see Melrose as being a success, though the whole naked ambition schtick seems to have impressed Tyra and Co.

I find myself disliking Tyra every season. I really didn't like kicking Brooke off the night of her graduation and I doubly didn't like Tyra's "Do you know how many girls would give up their high school graduation to be standing where you are?"

There's a weird Meanness to Tyra.


Lilylou said...

Hey, CC, sorry you're having trouble getting to sleep. A change in routine can do that to a person, so it makes sense, but it's still not fun.

Not much going on here, at least gossip-wise. I've been cleaning up the post-storm refuse on the deck, enjoying the beautiful day we so richly deserve after the past few days of gales.

Tonight I'm going to the Thursday night jam at a local coffeehouse where a bunch of us get together weekly and sing whatever anyone brings to sing. I'm bringing two great songs: Zen Gospel Singing and A Chat with your Mother.

This afternoon I've got a visit scheduled with a parishioner, Don, who is 85, a lawyer, and still working hard in his profession, despite his increasing infirmities. He'll have just gotten back from a trip to So. Cal where he was trying a case. He's a baseball nut and we always have a good time.

I'm expecting a package in the mail from a catalog order (a boiled wool jacket---green) and just got the latest Rodale book about obscure health problems in the mail. Why do I let these things come?

Okay, does that help? Read it over before you go to bed tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'm bringing two great songs: Zen Gospel Singing...

Is that the one about singing only one note a day?

CC-- I find that taking my calcium supplement about a half hour before bed helps me sleeps (but it gives me really vivid dreams). I guess it's like hot milk before bed....

Anonymous said...

Does the secretary just really not like her boss? I took my secretary to lunch (on my own dime) this past summer, and it was one of the best, most informative lunches I had, because she told me how the firm worked from the perspective of someone not making six figures: the tussles over vacation and sick time (the lawyers generally didn't take much of either regardless of whether they were nominally entitled to it); who seemed to set policies (managing partners within offices versus that for the whole firm) etc.