Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CC shuffles off to bed

I can't believe I'm going to bed with the Virginia senate race a virtual tie. But when I was congratulating a wise chap I know who is good with words on the Strickland/Blackwell victory tonight, he reminded me that I do in fact have to go to work tomorrow.

As I'm going to sleep, the Ds are up 21. To give y'all one more bit of perspective on how huge this is, the day after election day two years ago, I wrote a press release touting that the congressional fundraising firm I then worked for had been around for 12 years and none of our incumbents had ever lost. The only way any congressional client of my old firm ever left was to fire our firm and hire someone else, or retire.

Assuming that no clients left after I did (and if they did leave, they did so at their own peril,) my old firm lost two tonight. And a non-client with whom CC had an extremely gross and unpleasant encounter also lost. At that time, CC was too embarassed to even tell her bosses, but almost wrote the man's wife to tell him about his tacky behavior. Suffice to say, Washington chicks need not fear his poor manners anymore.



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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you went to bed -- here it is Wednesday night and that race is still uncalled.