Friday, November 17, 2006

Slept better, thanks

I didn't intend to imply that my sleeping issues nightmares were connected to my recent lack of emails. Indeed, my sleeping issues have been with me in one form or another for most of my life. I don't write about them often although I did here

These days I'm having less insomnia and more nightmares.

FWIW, I describe a few of them here, hereand here.

(Being able to Google search within one's blog alone is a beautiful thing.)

That said, I DID read Ms. Kitty's post about her activities of yesterday and I did sleep a lot better. Pretty much from midnight through seven a.m., which is about as good as my sleeping typically gets.

So people can feel free to play virtual coworker again today if they like.

It's a cool clear day in Virginia, much nicer than we've had all week. (Seriously kids, I was wanting to build an ark.) Tomorrow morning, I pick up my grass-fed, free-range turkey and start putting togeether the early parts of Thanksgiving dinner. It's going to be a small Thanksgiving this year. Oliver is still in the slammer and we're not having any guests other than my family. If Jason can remain out through Thursday, it will be Jason, the Chalicerelative, my folks, theCSO and me. I'm going to steam my green beans and garnish with dried cranberries this year.

LinguistFriend will stop by on his way up north. He will be here Thanksgiving weekend and I'm especially looking forward to showing him the "Famous UUs" service my church traditionally does the Sunday after Thanksgiving. He'll have to tolerate a family dinner as Jason and Oliver's birthday is the 26th, so I will make another dinner for the same cast of characters plus Linguist Friend. I'm thinking either a pork loin roast or turkey curry with the leftovers.

But enough about me, what's up with y'all?



Lilylou said...

I'm glad you had a good night's sleep, CC; I hope the nightmares were few.

Last night I had a great time at the jam. It started out small, just a couple of guitarists and me (not a guitarist) but grew to nine by the end of the evening. The Zen Gospel Singing song went over well; or, rather, they were courteous and appreciative, even though I mangled the tune in one place.

Home about 10, watched a little "Whose Line" and hit the hay. No major dreams that I remember and am up early enough to go to the gym before the lectionary study group.

The plan is to go to the gym, the lectionary group, see Kathleen and Wayne (parishioners) at 2, go to the United Methodist salmon bake about 5:30, and then on to a coffeehouse to hear a singer/songwriter who was at the jam last night. Ian somebody, but not famous except on the island.

Tomorrow a haircut! Finally! I look like an unkempt Beatle. And then it's on to Seabeck for a board meeting.

If you have trouble sleeping, look up Whidbey Island in your road atlas (just north of Seattle, with towns named Langley, Clinton, Freeland, etc.) and Seabeck, west of Seattle near Bremerton.

And remember if you and the CSO are ever out this way, you have a place to stay.

Chalicechick said...

I smiled when I read your note. There's not much smiling in patent law, so know you've produced a rare thing.

Also, you've had two days in a row more interesting than mine. Last night, I make carnitas soft tacos then watched "My name is Earl" and "The Office" with theCSO talked on the phone for awhile.

Enjoy your haircut, though if the perspective helps, you should know that I consider "unkempt Beatle" a reasonable haircut goal for theCSO.

((And remember if you and the CSO are ever out this way, you have a place to stay. ))

And THAT induced a serious case of the warm fuzzies. As far as I know, the closest I'm going to be anytime soon is going to Portland for GA and theCSO doesn't do GA.

But I hope we can hang out there?


Lilylou said...

I am definitely going to be at GA in Portland and we will have a serious hanging-out opportunity. Son MIchael is getting married in Reno on the 17th, but I will hie myself to Portland shortly thereafter for Ministry Days and General Assembly and start watching for you.

And I love carnitas soft tacos!

Don't let the patent law break your spirit. Ya gotta smile!

Chalicechick said...

You won't have to look very hard. Last year there were three blogger events and I went to all three. I think we're doing a blogger workshop next year.

(If we all go out for Tapas again this year, get Peacebang to order for you. Best meal I've had in years...)


Anonymous said...

Looks like we are going to GA in Portland too. I hope to see you there.

Lilylou said...

"Shall we gather at the river,
The beautiful Columbia River,
Gather with the saints at the river
That flows by the throne of God?"

Actually, the Portland Convention Center is on the Willamette River, not the Columbia, but the syllables didn't fit. And if you are from not-West territories, practice saying "ORY-GUN" and "Will AM Ett" before you get here or we'll tease you. But in a nice way.

Anonymous said...

So much of my family is vegetarian now that we're not having a turkey. :-( And my little sister is worried about her weight and asking that we not have many desserts. I called her a Communist.