Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Notorious C.C.

You may recall that I threw a rubber-duck-themed baby shower over the summer. I likely didn't mention it, but we had about a dozen rubber ducks that squeak when you squeeze them left over. (We'd given them out as favors.)

So last night, I left them out for trick-or-treaters along with a bowl of candy. TheCSO and I were talking in the bedroom early in the evening when we heard characteristic squeaks from the porch. We scampered out to the living room window and watched a princess and a football player run off, merrily squeaking.

Later on, we heard

"Wow! Look at the cats!"

"I bet a crazy cat lady lives here!"

"I bet she has weird candy."

(You can hear everything that happens outside our picture window from several rooms away in our house.) I came to the window. When the kids saw me, they were like Aaah! It's the Crazy cat lady!" and they all ran away without taking any ducks or candy.

Now admittedly we have four cats. And it is possible two or more of them were in the window, but geez...

who plans to buy toys rather than candy to give every year because giving away the ducks and watching the kids get all excited was too cool...

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Anonymous said...

Just don't get these ducks unless you want to be REALLY notorious.