Monday, January 23, 2006


As I've mentioned in the past, I really hate her Desperate Housewives character, but Felicity Huffman seriously rocks here.



Psyton said...

That interview clip rubbed me all sorts of wrong ways. I have more respect for the interviewer for not becoming immediately defensive and instead asking her the question that completely deflated her rant-in-progress.

I am tempted to henceforth refer to her as Huffy.

Chalicechick said...

Ever seen a man at the top of his field asked if his kids are the best thing he's ever done?


Psyton said...

Yes. I recall such an interview question to a male followed up with "I love my kids, but..."

The thing about Huffy is she snarkily derailed the entire conversation to play pissed-off-feminist-lady. Which usually just flips my bozo-bit rather than make me think of the intracacies of gender inequality she is trying to address. I understand that well-behaved women rarely make history... but I've always preferred a witty reparte to a Ted-Steven's-ish "NOOOOO... now I am going to TAKE your question and BEAT you with it!"

She strikes me as a possible partner of the Mega Militant Super Homos in the We-Demand-Justice league.

Chalicechick said...

So was the interviewer's next question "Are you a good father?"

I'd be interested to know which accomplished guy was asked that, btw.

Frankly, I have trouble imagining an interviewer asking, say, the guy from "24" if his kids were the greatest experience of his life.

I've known a few men, ok, I can only think of Fausto, who have volunteered that having and rasing kids is the greatest thing ever, but I don't think people assume that accomplished men feel that way.

The way the question is phrased assumes a "yes" answer and "Are you a good mother?" as a followup seems rather low on Lesly Stahl's part.


Psyton said...

*steps back*

This is a lot like our discussion of "disease theory of addiction"... In that we are not directly disagreeing because we keep missing each others points.

*steps back in*

I understand that Huffy was bringing up an unpleasant fact that the greatest accomplishment for a woman is oft considered to be poppin' out some kids.. which is disparaging to other things they might do like being an awesome actress or running a company... and if they refuse to acknowledge their kids as "the best thing evar" they risk being labeled a "bad mom". This is an icky double standard that should be watched for and considered when interviewing kickass women.

I just find it sad that you made these points much more clear to me than her, mainly because you are tactful and witty.

When Huffy made her point, I was very distracted by how incredibly rude she was. The vitriole in her response didn't make me think "you tell her sister!" as much as it made me think "yeesh, did your kid throw up on your favorite suit before the interview? Did your mom call to complain that you aren't being a good mom?"

I put forth that her (very good) point is clouded by being a massive pill in public. Even if she usually isn't that much of a pill... I think she is because of that clip.