Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The most beautiful words in the English language

are "that's what insurance is for" from your significant other when you've done something stupid.

(Didn't hit anybody with my car. Did either leave my cellphone in the ladies room of an office building and/or leave my bag where somebody could take my phone.)

On a related subject, there's something especially evil about taking someone's phone. Take my cash, I don't like it but I understand it. You can get as much use out of a twenty dollar bill as I can. But take my cellphone? I have international calls blocked. T-mobile is putting a hold on my phone number as we speak. Whoever took it got something like an hour or two of use out of it, and it will be really annoying to replace. I called my number and politely offered money if the cellphone was returned. I think I heard breathing on the other end, but no response. That phone is next to useless to anyone but me. Taking a cellphone is like taking somebody's prescription sunglasses or their prosthetic leg.

What's the point?

who agrees that, yes, the prosthetic leg comparision was a tad over the line, but I really liked that phone.


LaReinaCobre said...

cell phones are expensive to buy without a contract. you can sell a cell phone pretty much anywhere. when mine died i discovered it would cost me about $130 to get a new one - even a crappy new one. fortunately a coworker gave me her old one for free.

Chalicechick said...

I checked and used phones like mine are going for $150 on ebay.

I stand corrected.