Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Chaliceblog glossary

Terms used on The ChaliceBlog and what they mean:

Caligula's CC's nickname for her favorite sushi buffet.

CC's basement-Where she keeps her harem of smart guys. CC has a guy friend with a very jealous girlfriend. As CC is married and thus is unlikely to be trying to steal said guy friend away, CC surmises that his girlfriend believes CC is trying to assemble a harem of smart guys for her basement. Celebrities invited to hang out in CC's basement include Johnny Depp and Malcom Gladwell. Here's where the joke got started. If you follow that link bear in mind that I was really mad when I wrote it.

Choad Chode /chohd/ also spelled "Choad"

Pretty much an all-purpose dirty word at this point, Chode comes from Indian vernacular for "to fuck." Probably got here by way of the UK.

CC learned it from a gay guy named Ryan she went to college with, who said it was specifically the very sensitive area of muscle between scrotum and anus, though lots of people think it is a word for a short, yet wide, penis.

Coorious Sarcamstance Mispelling of "a curious circumstance" that indicates the way the rural characters in Laurie King's fine novel The Moor pronounce it. CC just likes it.

CSO, the-CC's Husband, the ChaliceSignificantOther. He was just her boyfriend when she started calling herself ChaliceChick and his nickname has stuck. CC is always bugging him to write blog posts.

Ephron, Nora An untalented screenwriter of some renown. Discussed first here.

Epilonius TheCSO's best friend, a frequent poster to the Chaliceblog. Used to call himself Psyton.

Fugly -F'n Ugly

FuglyChalice, the The new symbol for the UUA. See commentary here.

FuglyCouch, The -A hideous couch The ChaliceParents left in the house when they moved out after we bought their house. We'd feel bad giving it to Goodwill just yet, but we don't like it. (Update: Has now been returned to the ChaliceMom. We have a much cooler couch now.)

Grissom The mystery-solving, scientist hottie on CSI. CC has it bad for him. (Though she much preferred him without the beard.) He's troubled. Mmmm... Troubled.

Katy-the-Wise-CC's favorite UU minister. She now lives hundreds of miles from CC, but CC sometimes still calls her for freelance pastoral counseling.

LinguistFriend One of CC's guy friends and occiasional contributor to the Chaliceblog He's a laryngeal physiology professor who also has a PhD in Linguistics from an institution beloved by UUs. He sometimes guest blogs. Sorry girls, there's a future Mrs. Linguist friend.

Mmm... Troubled... Expression of lust for male television characters who are very caught up in their work yet obviously somewhat disturbed by a deeper current of psychological turmoil. CC finds this hot. (Examples: Fox Mulder, Gil Grissom, and "House") CC has it especially bad for detectives. No, not Monk, thanks for asking.

Naff off, A Britishy way to say "screw you." CC picked it up from Princess Anne.

Other assorted people with and without nicknames Jennifer Beautiful, ZombieKid, Our-Hero-Charlie-the-Brave, My-smart-friend-Pam, Jana-who-Creates, Joe-the-Math-Guy, etc are CC's friends. I tend to name my friends after something cool or memorable about them. Blogging friends are referred to by their handle. Regaular friends who become blogging friends usually end up using their nickname as a handle for the purposes of the ChaliceBlog. CC's family members are usually referred to as "the ChaliceMom," etc. The nicknames proctect anonymity and remind everyone that what you read about them comes totally from my own perspective.

Sabina Fallacy, the a system of misguided thinking held by an Obvious Future Victim who is dating/marrying someone who treats others badly that allows the Obvious Future Victim to believe that though schnookums may have behaved badly in the past, he/she would NEVER treat OFV this way.

(e.g.“Well, yeah, she got her last boyfriend arrested for stalking, then sat outside his dorm room for two hours so he couldn’t leave without violating the restraining order*, but she wouldn’t do that to me. Things between US are different.”)

Smeghead CC and her friends' preferrred insult when they were small children. If you don't know what it means, you probably don't want to.

Sucketh Mightily, You the official insult of the Chaliceblog. I just started using it one day and it has stuck.

That Goddamned Island - CC's plan to buy an island and convince all her friends to move there. Discussed in detail here.

"Von Harnack" -- CC frequently names video game characters and the like after German theologian Adolf Von Harnack He was a really cool guy and it is meant as a tribute.

If you see something/someone else who needs an entry here, shoot me an email at Chalicechick at gmail dot com and I will add it.


*The Sabina Fallacy is named after a real person who actually did this.

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