Friday, January 20, 2006

Fixing UUism: Every GA in Vegas

by CC, though the UU Enforcer suggested something similar a few months ago

Convention space is plentiful and a multi-year deal could make it relatively inexpensive, hotels and food are cheap as is childcare. They are used to tourists of all kinds so the difficulties we had in Texas should be fewer. Just about everybody can fly there for under a hundred bucks if they start looking carefully for tickets a few months in advance.


Anonymous said...

Other than too much tobacco smoke everywhere is Lost Wages, sounds ok. But shouldn't it move around?

Anonymous said...

I meant to type "in" not "is"....

Chalicechick said...

My understanding is that moving around is an attempt to let lots of people attend. But my guess is that just as many could attend if you just put it someplace where attending would be cheaper.

Right now, the best tickets I could find were roundtrip for $250, which is MUCH higher than usual. (My college roommate and I have been talking about doing a weekend in Vegas for years, so I've been following the prices.)

If I split a $67 per night room at Circus Circus with a roommate and eat for less that $20 per day, I could do the hold thing for $500 plus whatever parts of registration I couldn't talk my church into covering.

And I'd be staying someplace with an indoor amusement park.


(Obviously, rooms get even cheaper if you stay off the strip. And again, plane fares to Vegas are usually cheaper.)


Jamie Goodwin said...

If we where going to choose a single city for GA i would have to suggest a mid west city.. for the same reasons that are being used for the "Move the UUA headquarters" argument.

Once again, Indianapolis sounds about right. With the exception of the Indoor Amusement Park of course.

fausto said...

Indy isn't an airline hub, so travel might be more expensive or inconvenient, and the nightlife is a bit limited. (What Broad Ripple really needs is a good convention center and hotel.) Vegas is a good idea, and the price is right, but I've gone to other conventions there, and it's so cheesy. What other cities have the right ingredients? Maybe Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Minneapolis, or Denver?

TheCSO said...

SLC is a surprisingly good place to have a convention..

Pretty much any major convention destination is going to be a reasonably inexpensive place to have it so long as it's off peak season. Granted, there's a *reason* the off-peak season is off-peak - Chicago in winter, say, isn't most people's cup of tea.

I would also put Atlanta on the short list. It's not too cold during the offseason, and since it's a major convention town, offpeak is cheap. I'm not wild about putting GA near that many "angry divorcee" ex-Christian UUs though..

How about continue to move it around, but put it in February when *everywhere* is cheap?

Anonymous said...

Too bad San Francisco, though a major convention city, isn't cheap. I'd love to have it here -- and get to show people around my city.