Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CC wakes up

Just woke up a few minutes ago from a bizarre dream. An old lady was going on an extended trip (though it was implied that she was dying) and wanted to hire me to take care of her brother. I wouldn't take that job in a million years in real life, but I really wanted it in my dream.

The brother was crazy and lived in a mansion built like a giant funhouse maze, with all sorts of trapdoors and weird slides and that sort of thing. There was even a funhouse mirror that made me look like a completely different person. I was cuter in my reflection. Ah well.

The crazy old guy thought it would be funny to escape from me, so I start chasing him, but as I run through spinning rooms and go down slides, I started to feel really nauseated. I'm chasing him through the house, feeling sick, but determined to do my job and keep him out of trouble.

I corner him in an office and then I step the wrong place and the floor goes out from under me, dumping the contents of the desks as well and I'm falling down a hole like Alice in Wonderland, with peices of paper (that are all blank, I guess it was a fake office) falling down with me.

And then I woke up.

Pretty weird, huh?

Oh well, back to sleep.


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