Sunday, January 08, 2006

The hat makes the man...

I've noted in the past that I have weird sympathy for Jack Abramoff. I'm not saying he's a nice guy, but goodness it's hard to get too angry at a guy who stole lobbying money for a couple of reasons:

1. Legally given money is incredibly public This sort of this is incredibly easy to check. He didn't steal money intended for congressmen, he overcharged clients for his time.

2. Lobbying money has a lot in common with the proverbial rock that repells elephants. (So what if he didn't spend it on Congressmen? Have we seen any new regulations of Indian casinos? No? Then Abramoff was effective...)

And something about using some of the money for starting a school for Orthodox Jews charms me. I'm sorry, it does.

Anyway, so I follow stories about him. And there is a particularly interesting one about, of all things, the symbolism of his black fedora. Also, the comments on the peice are also well worth a read.



Bill Baar said...

I noticed and was appalled he did it because it just feeds the anti-semtism metastasizing in the left.

Chalicechick said...


Goodness. I'm left of a lot of people and I confess I can barely keep track of people's races.

And most of the Jewish people I know are liberals.


Anonymous said...

Lobbying is legal and part of American political system ;however,some of the things that Abramoff did (by his own admission) were illegal and he plead guilty to doing them. I think there is an anti Jewish element on the Left -rgxqkshv there definitely is !

Chalicechick said...

Can somebody give me an example?

I certainly see a fair amount of Anti-Zionism, but not supporting Israel does not constitute being Anti-Jew.