Tuesday, January 17, 2006

CC expresses an opinion on something she knows nada about

I was reading a magazine article about Skating with the Stars in the grocery store today and something occurred to me.

The show features actors (of both genders) and skaters (of both genders) and has them paired, male-to-female, one actor with one skater.

And I realized that I would be delgihted to bet any reader of this blog a home cooked meal that the winning pair will have a male skater and a female actor.


Because what I've observed of ice dancing is that it involves a lot of fancy tricks lifting the woman up in the air.

If, say, Lloyd Eisler (Skater dude) drops Kristy Swanson (the girl from "Ferris Bueller" who tells the home ec teacher Ferris passed out at 31 Flavors) funny, no big deal. Even less of a big deal given that Kristy Swanson did stunt work for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and knows how to fall.

But if, say, Dave Coulier (guy from Full House) drops Nancy Kerrigan and she falls badly, that could end her career.

So my guess is that a male skater/female actor pairing is a shoe in as there's no way the female skaters are going to be dumb enough to let some actor who just learned to skate lift them.

Are there holes in this logic I'm not seeing?

who just loves to ponder this sort of thing and likes having a blog to ponder it on.

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