Monday, January 16, 2006


Oh, by the way. LaReinaCobre mentioned in a comment that she always pictures me as looking like my icon.

This seems like a good time to credit the icon as a detail from Titian's Venus at the Mirror, the official artwork of the Chaliceblog and a picture that has weird but delightful associations for me. It hangs in the National Gallery and usually ends up on my art tour. (BTW, I adore giving art tours. If you're ever in Washington, DC, look me up and I'd be delighted. My specialty is the moderns, but I can also do the Renaissance.)



Will said...

Better watch out! FBI'ers might bust down your door for displaying child pornography. Shame on you! A child's naked butt should not be paraded around like that. Frankly, I am disappointed in you.

(just kidding of course.)

Chalicechick said...

Surely you're mistaken. Eros is thousands of years old.


Will said...

Touche! How silly of me to forget.