Monday, January 09, 2006

Carl Hiaasen disagrees with CC

Carl Hiaasen, one of CC's favorite novelists, does not find Jack Abramoff quite as cute as CC does. His article is quite scathing, and worth a read for sentences like:

Bush has announced that he's giving $6,000 in Abramoff-tainted campaign funds to the American Heart Association, which is fitting when you consider how much cardiac unrest is being caused by the lobbyist's cooperation with prosecutors.

Anyone who hasn't read Hiaasen's novels probably should. That he wrote the novel that that cheesy Demi Moore striptease movie is based on is not his fault. The novel itself is really good. My favorite novel of his is called "Stormy Weather." I like to keep a few used copies around to give to GRE students when they impress me in class.

His novels are intense and wacky and one gets the feeling that one is reading all the wacky things that came across the night news desk at the Miami Herald but that couldn't quite make it into the paper.

As I was in political fundraising for awhile and he's been a reporter for years, we approach this quiestion from very different directions. But his article is good stuff. Read it, read his books.


Ps. The name is pronounced He-AH-sin as close as Linguist Friend can figure.

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