Monday, April 17, 2006

The resurrection of the body

PB is talking about the issue of bodily resurrection on her blog. Personally, I'm not a fan, but I did think this article on the issue was interesting.



Anonymous said...

The article has this in it:
The material nature of Jesus' Resurrection also shapes the ethical behavior of his modern followers. Christ's bodily resurrection prompts exceptional acts of generosity and forgiveness in a way that a spiritualized version of the resurrection would not.
I don't see how this follows. Why would Jesus's bloody body being revived make people more generous and forgiving?
Further, it feels highly insulting to the generousity and forgiveness of all of those who do not believe in the bodily resurrection -- both Christian and otherwise.
Beyond that, since the more "literal" Christians claim to be, the less generous and forgiving they seem to be to those on the outside, I don't think his claim is even remotely aligned with the facts.
While I am sure that Peacebang is very generous and forgiving herself, I really doubt that it is because she believes Jesus rose with his not-quite intact body about him. She does say "my God can do that" about the resurrection. Well, my God wouldn't do that. To paraphrase George Washington; anyone who wants that much power doesn't deserve it.

fausto said...

And here's yet another possibility.