Saturday, April 01, 2006

CC and TheCSO liked "Thank you for Smoking."

"Thank You for Smoking" was not nearly so badass as it could have been, but TheCSO and I still had a good time. It makes me want to go get Buckley's book, however, as I'm sure it has sharper teeth.

TheCSO and I laughed regularly all the way through, but as we left the theater, I asked why on earth the movie was rated R. (There's very little real violence, and though Katie Holmes' beautiful breasts are mentioned several times, you don't actually see them.)

The CSO and I talked all the way home about movie rathings systems. My guess is that after a truly incisive social satire, we wouldn't have.

Still, we had a good time.



Anonymous said...

Definitely pick up a copy of Buckley's Thank You For Smoking. It is hilarious. I was amazed, actually, that it was made into a movie - I think the book was originally published in the mid 80s.

Also great to read is Florence of Arabia, CB's most recent (I think) book.

Anonymous said...

I wish there were separate rating systems for sex and for violence. I have no strong objection to sex or bad words in movies, though I don't find them interesting, but I do have strong objections to violence, and especially to "graphic" violence. It's impossible to tell from the current ratings if a movie is going to make you sick.

UU-Mom said...

"Rated R for language and some sexual content." I agree with the problem of the rating system. Reasons for Movie Ratings Thanks for the review.