Thursday, April 13, 2006

On matters McKinney

One time in my political fundraising days, a coworker and I were manning the nametag table outside of a major fundraising event for a Congressman who shall of course remain nameless. I was writing a nametag for a lobbyist who had neglected to RSVP (grr) when I heard my new coworker having a bit of difficulty. She vigorously discussing something with a portly man in an expensive suit. Both of them looked confused.

Figuring exactly what was going on, I rushed to my coworker's side.

"Why Representative Sensenbrenner!" I cooed*. "We're so glad you could join us this evening. You're comped, of course. Why don't I take you right in to the Congressman!"

I could swear I heard my coworker mutter "he wasn't wearing his pin..." in the background as I led the powerful man away. His dignity must have been preserved because both my coworker and I kept our jobs.

It happens.


*He's not my favorite guy either, but a job's a job. At my current job, I do work with a company I very much respect. The pay is the same.


Psyton said...

Yes, but did Delay call Sensenbrenner a racist after the fracas?

I dunno, I really do think that grabbing a lady by the arm is a _BAD_ idea... and that "here's your representative pin and ID badge" is generally a crappy form of security as opposed to having all the security guards know representatives faces. Yes, it may be slightly annoying, but it's also capitol hill.

Chalicechick said...

Ideally, you're right. But we are talking about 435 members of congress. I made flashcards to try to learn the just the Republicans and my success was still middling at best.


Psyton said...

Then they could get some damn biometrics.

"put some of this stuff on your hands to sanitize them, the put your hand in this reader, thanks, have a good day"

so much better than "oh, they have a PIN... they must be good"