Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The more things change...

From The New Republic...

Benjamin Franklin complained during the colonial era that Germans immigrating to Philadelphia "are generally the most stupid of their nation. ... Few of their children know English." In 1921, Arthur M. Schlesinger wrote, "The new immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe, with its lower standard of living and characteristic racial differences has intensified many existing social problems and created a number of new ones."

And Henry Cabot Lodge thought the lowest of the low were the Italian Immigrants, one of whom was the Grandfather of Tom Tancredo, who today says nasty things about Central American Immigrants.

who really can't stand all the freaking yuppies who have moved into all the new condo developments in Fairfax County and torn down those old postwar Cape Cod tract houses to build their stupid McMansions. Hello? My family has been in Virginia for generations? Where do all these lawyers and lobbyists from rube states think they get off moving in and tearing down our fugly houses to build a different kinds of fugly house?

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Anonymous said...

I have recently read that most American houses are built to last about 40 years. Perhaps they were thinking of those?