Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Now I'm not a huge fan of protesters, but...

This is ridiculous. An Elementary school principal decided that the school needed to be "locked down" because some high schools were having walkouts protesting immigration. (Only a high school kid would think that a bunch of high school kids walking out of a high school would make an impact on anybody significant to the immigration debate.)

The problem is she read the wrong procedure and used the "lock down" procedure appropriate for nuclear attack. She had the kids going to the bathroom in buckets so they wouldn't have to leave their classrooms.

Actually, that's not the problem.

The problem is that she went straight by what she thought was the procedure, not thinking about it at all. Actually, the real problem might have been that she thought that elementary school kids needed to be locked down at all. (I protested all the time as a kid under somewhat heavy coercion from the Chalicerelative, but I can't imagine a bunch of kids doing that. Well, maybe if some obnoxious parent was encouraging it, but it's still unlikely...)

Someone should do something about this. Anybody want to all march out of work at the same time?


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