Thursday, April 20, 2006

One of my very few fuzzy kitty posts.

The cats have figured out that the CSO is away this week. This morning all three of them were in the bed with me. Thus, I don't get a whole bed to myself even when theCSO is away. Ah well.

Even better was last week. Boris, the alpha cat, is sort of mean to Cool Disco Dan and Esperanto. He had chewed a spot on his leg and I had to hold him down while TheCSO put a bandage on him. Of course, Boris makes the full range of angry cat noises and bites at my and claws me. (Anyone thinking "Why doesn't she just wrap him in a towel?" is seriously underestimating this cat.)

Anyway, this was taking place in the kitchen and I look up and Dan and Esperanto have just come in and are watching, transfixed. After a minute, Dan climbs up on the kitchen table to give himself a better view.

The Chalicerelative is always telling me how her dog is just like a person. I believed that about my cats right then.


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