Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Caps over Thrashers, 6-4

(Why does Atlanta need a hockey team, anyway?)

The CSO and I were at Verizon Center for the last Washington Capitols game of the season. We went with other teachers from my Test Prep company. It was pretty fun.


  • Free Jersey night. And may I say that I make a Jersey that I got for free with the purchse of a five dollar ticket look GOOD.
  • When a fight broke out and my friends and I were like "Fight? This isn't a real fight? I'm not seeing blood here!" Yeah, we won't be voting for any Peacemaking resolutions.
  • They have a thing where you can text message the jumbotron. CC spent much of the night tapping out "Princeton Review Sucks!" and sending it up there.

Simple minds, simple pleasures...


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Anonymous said...

That's exactly right, Psyton. In fact, before Atlanta decided our economy and our sports fans would benefit from joining the NHL, there was no refrigeration in the city at all. Not only could we not make or maintain ice (a real liability, since iced tea is the national drink of the confederacy; we were the laughingstock of the southeast) but we couldn't keep our food fresh, either. When I was growing up, my family ate nothing but saltines and beef jerky from March through October. It's so nice to finally catch up with technology here in the backwoods. I hear we might get cell phones soon!