Sunday, April 30, 2006

Adventures in Bad Legislation

According to this, a state legislator in Rhode Island is considering a bill to force theater owners to allow breastfeeding women to bring their children in to live performances and concerts for free.

To me, this can only bring to mind the last time I was in the movies and was interrupted by the screaming of a toddler.

It was the eleven o'clock showing of King Kong.

Can we, as a society, agree that there are just some places we shouldn't bring our little kids? As the daughter of a classical music aficianado, I can assure you that the many concerts I was taken to as a child were just hell for me.

Almost as bad as church.



PeaceBang said...


Uh-oh, CC, I'm about to travel with you into Indignant Childfree Womanland. And you can get into almost as much trouble there as you can for pointing out the crapulosity of a song like "Jesus Take the Wheel."

YAY for sentimental, moronic songs and legislators! We LOVES 'um!

LaReinaCobre said...

It's not the moms who would get in for free, PB, but the babies. That makes sense to me. A 10 month old child doesn't need a ticket to a concert or something.

PeaceBang said...

Oh, okay.
Except that most of those places already let in tots for free. Heavens, babes in arms can even fly for free, can't they?