Thursday, April 13, 2006

On matters McKinney

One time in my political fundraising days, a coworker and I were manning the nametag table outside of a major fundraising event for a Congressman who shall of course remain nameless. I was writing a nametag for a lobbyist who had neglected to RSVP (grr) when I heard my new coworker having a bit of difficulty. She vigorously discussing something with a portly man in an expensive suit. Both of them looked confused.

Figuring exactly what was going on, I rushed to my coworker's side.

"Why Representative Sensenbrenner!" I cooed*. "We're so glad you could join us this evening. You're comped, of course. Why don't I take you right in to the Congressman!"

I could swear I heard my coworker mutter "he wasn't wearing his pin..." in the background as I led the powerful man away. His dignity must have been preserved because both my coworker and I kept our jobs.

It happens.


*He's not my favorite guy either, but a job's a job. At my current job, I do work with a company I very much respect. The pay is the same.

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Chalicechick said...

Ideally, you're right. But we are talking about 435 members of congress. I made flashcards to try to learn the just the Republicans and my success was still middling at best.