Monday, August 13, 2007

A different kind of law nightmare

I have a lot of nightmares, and I rarely write about them. Recently, my nightmares have been pretty-much law school focused, a break from my usual fare of being tied to a chair while little zombie children with big teeth climb all over me and that one where someone's chasing me that I don't actually remember, but that theCSO has heard me talking in my sleep about.

My dreams have recently been pretty standard insecurity stuff. I'm trying to join some sort of law student sorority, for example, and haven't quite passed the hazing.

Last night's dream was really involved. A good friend of mine had become an insurance adjuster for workers' comp claims. I was happy to be working with her, but I was troubled by a death claim where the facts just didn't add up to the accident the company was claiming. It sounded to me like their employee had been murdered.

I told my friend, and she went around asking questions and suddenly she was dead. Her ghost was haunting me, instructing me to find her killer and solve the case. TheCSO vigorously complained that if I were going to hold down a job, go to law school AND solve a murder case, I wouldn't have any time for him. Fausto and Linguist Friend were involved, too, in a way that I don't completely recall.

"I feel like I'm sresponsible for your death," I sniffled at one point.

"Yeah," the ghost said, "You are"

Around then, the dog started making a bunch of noise.

Thank goodness.



LinguistFriend said...

Probably you don't recall the Fausto and LF part because they were disagreeing about the significance of the Gospel of Judas or such like.

Joel Monka said...

Here's another law nightmare for you, from neal Boortz's Q & A:

Other than meeting your wife, what was the happiest day of your life?

The day I sent a letter to the State Bar of Georgia telling them to put me on the "inactive" list. I thought passing the bar exam would be a great moment .. it pales when compared with the day you escape that profession. I don't know many happy lawyers. The sooner a lawyer learns that his most dangerous adversary is his own client, the better off he is. Who needs that?

Chalicechick said...

Boy, I'm glad Neal Boortz and I don't agree on much!

PG said...

This sounds like a chick lit novel, a la Goodnight Nobody but without the full-time mommy angst.