Saturday, August 25, 2007

A break in the heat

I've been in a really bad mood recently, and my fellow youth leaders have done me the great favor of being pretty cool about it and giving me some distance on this retreat.

It hasn't helped that today has been steamy hot with the sort of heat that seems to stick to one like wet clothes.

I've hung around with my leader friends for a bit, also spent some time to myself, reading, working on a sexy piece of short fiction, trying to get some of the frustration out. (The youth were doing a ropes course all morning.)

I was buckling down to tolerate a campfire and singalong later on when a storm broke. Now the whole camp is soaked in a hard rain and the heat has faded. Something about the stormy outside has calmed my insides and I'm listening to the youth brainstorming a covenant and I'm feeling relaxed, focused and finally cool.



Lilylou said...

A good storm always helps, in my opinion. Glad you're feeling better.

PG said...

Good luck with starting law school this week! BTW, I forgot to ask before -- is Georgetown still doing its holistic curriculum option? and if so, can evening students do it?