Friday, August 24, 2007

CC has nothing to say today

The last week before law school starts has not been the R+R CC would have hoped for. First of all, it's very hot here in northern Virginia, the sort of heat that stuffs itself down your throat and makes you gag when you step outside an air conditioned building. I associate that sort of weather with New Orleans, but I've noticed it quite a few times here this summer.

Jana-who-creates is back, so life is improved on that front. I went out to lunch with them this week and as I sat down in the car, I looked over at TheGnome and said:

"Gee, you've grown! You look old enough to have a wife and kids!"

TheGnome gave me a puzzled, offended expresion, "I'm only SEVEN!" he reminded me sharply.

ZombieKid was similarly adorable, though I'm sure JwC got tired of having the "Just because CC likes the Zombie face does not mean we do it in the restaurant" talk with him.

Anyway, I'm telling you all this because I'm going on a youth retreat where I may not have signal, so I might not be posting for a bit.



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