Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I wonder what CC, is doing, tonight

An accounting of activities from between the time I left work Monday and arrived at work Tuesday.

Drove back toward home.

Looked for nearest beauty supply store, found it closed.

Stopped at second beauty supply place looking for hair dye, they didn't have it.

Went to shopping mall.

Wandered mall aimlessly for two hours, finding no new clothes I wanted to wear. Bought embarassing number of Dead Sea Salt skin care products from Russian saleslady who would not let me do otherwise. On the upside, my hands feel nice. Downside, Sephora doesn't sell hair dye either.

Went toward home, bought rotisserie chicken for me and soup for the Sick CSO.

Crashed on bed, ate dinner, watched CSI rerun and did a bunch of data entry of wage information for one of my claimants.

Finished dinner, turned off TV, drew up settlement documents for second claimant.

Talked to LinguistFriend for an hour, mostly about law school nervousness.

Dyed hair auburn with hair dye I had around after all.

Made lame attempt to clean up bathroom, which always resembles a murder scene after I dye my hair. Will complete cleaning tonight.


Woke up, watched episode of "Cold Case."

Did two loads of laundry.

Ate breakfast.

Got dressed.

Came to work, arriving half an hour early.

Am I justified in feeling just a bit like Jack Bauer?



LinguistFriend said...

Well, where Jack Bauer lives, someone would have shot someone else on the 5 for tailgating, the police would have torn up the house of an elderly man looking for drugs (and found - wrong house), and you would have much wider food choice because they speak 65 different languages in the school system. And did I mention, go to LA County Hospital in an emergency, then when you're sure you will live, go somewhere else (quoted from one of its MD staff).

Chalicechick said...

You had to look up Jack Bauer, didn't you?


LinguistFriend said...

No, I watched through the whole first season.

PG said...

I got a whole talk yesterday about how everyone at West Point now wants to be Jack Bauer.

Man, the things I do to get free food at law school.

Chalicechick said...

PG: I don't want to be him, I'm just impressed at how much he gets done in an hour.

LF: I stand corrected.