Thursday, September 21, 2006

Voltaire could say no more.

In the Toledo Blade, on Sept. 20, 2006, on pp. 1 and 12 of the first
section, it was noted that in a church bulletin from St. Hedwig Catholic Church on
Lagrange St., on Sunday, there appeared an interesting announcement.
"Listed in between announcements for a polka night and a prayer service was
an item from "Friends/Supporters of Fr. Robinson" announcing a
chicken-dinner fund-raiser for Gerald Robinson, the Toledo priest convicted
in May in the ritual murder of a nun 26 years ago." Further on, we read
"Robinson, 68, was arrested in April 2004, and convicted May 11 in Lucas
County Common Pleas Court for the murder of sister Margaret Ann Pahl in the chapel at Mercy Ann Hospital in April, 1980." On the bulletin board at St. Hedwig's, the announcement of the chicken dinner was posted above a flyer for a Right to Life event.

From an article by David Yonke, Blade religious editor.

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