Thursday, September 14, 2006

On going Vegan suddenly

Peacebang’s post on her bad experience with Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs reminded me of a time when the CSO and I had the opposite experience.

We had some vegan friends who lived near San Francisco and we went out to visit them for a vacation. They offered to let us eat meat when we went out, but we figured “when in Rome” and ate Vegan.

We arrived on a Thursday night. As the weekend progressed, we kept having these little arguments. By Monday morning, we were not happy people. We were bitching at each other and arguing, saying some really hateful things I recall, and we could no longer hide our mutual nastiness from our friends.

We were all spending Tuesday in San Francisco, so that morning theCSO and I politely excused ourselves and went off to a diner to talk things out.

We both ordered bacon and eggs.

Fifteen minutes later, we were laughing and talking and best friends and lovers all over again.

I think any rapid change in diet will mess with ya.



Anonymous said...

That happened to me, too. I tried to go Vegan all at once. It made me violent. I was really angry all the time and I broke a lamp in my girlfriend's apartment.

Anonymous said...

The real secret is that all of us vegans are violent people. That whole "loving animals" thing is really a front for violent psychopathic rage. You see, we take out our hatred on innocent soybeans and other plants.

PeaceBang said...

I ate a raw food diet for one summer while living in Wisconsin. It was definitely a mood alterer. About three weeks into it I ate a cheeseburger and have never had such agonizing cramps in my entire life. I was WRITIHING ON THE FLOOR while my friend laughed at me and said, "I told ya so!"

Very very interesting stuff, this.

Joel Monka said...

Try going without refined sugar for a year or two, then eating a pastry... makes you realize what a powerful drug sugar is

iBeth said...

*lol* What also amazes me is how difficult it is to make lasting dietary changes. I will can happily eat plant-based foods for ages, and then suddenly out of the blue I will have a craving for something I haven't eaten in YEARS and usually would have an aversion to, e.g., hamburger cooked rare. Or that sour sugar candy that comes in paper straws. bizarre.