Sunday, September 17, 2006

Learn somethin' new every day

I got a good deal on green beans at the farmer's market and was looking for good bean recipies. I came across this one, commented upon thusly:

This green bean dish is considered the ultimate comfort food in America. Most holiday meals (especially Thanksgiving and Christmas) wouldn't be complete without this green bean dish. This dish can be done early in the day.

The dish is some sort of cheese and green bean casserole. I'm sure it's fine if you like that sort of thing. But it was weird to see it advertised as an American traditional dish without which holidays are not complete when I've never had it.

Ah well.



claire said...

when i saw that it was advertised as "the" traditional american holiday dish i expected it to be the green bean cream of mushroom crispy onion casserole that i consider "the" greenbean american traditional holiday casserole. which i never had until i was a teenager and went to somebody else's house.
i've never had the linked one either.

TheCSO said...

The cream of mushroom version is what I thought of, too. And I do remember it from when I was a kid. Specifically, I remember not liking it very much. (And I loved green beans prepared other ways.)

Anonymous said...

My Mother tried that one on us once too, since it was "the" American dish. None of us liked it too much -- it seemed, well, common, banal, without class. We felt the same about jello salads.