Friday, September 01, 2006

People rock.

I've been kind of down and cranky the last few days. I'm sure why, though I have a variety of pressures on me right now. I'm going to see Linguist Friend in Ohio for a few days and that ought to help. TheCSO's mom sometimes goes on a retreat to this place in a forest where the nuns take care of you and you can meditate. Linguist Friend's house full of books, with a guest room that always smells a little bit like the catbox that usually occupies it, is sort of my version.

(For whatever reason, thinking about meditation is reminding me of the the time, as a college freshman, I took a Tai Chi class with my incredibly competitive roommate. After the first class, she asked
"Did you feel anything?"

"Not really," I said.

She sniffed, "Oh. I got my chi. I could TOTALLY feel it.")

Anyway, intellectually, I'm looking forward to my trip away, but I've still got a cranky squeeziness inside.

An old friend found me on Myspace the other day and sent a message. I sent a message back. Just got a response this morning that read, in part,

Hi! This little digital internet world is fabuloso right?! God who knew we would cross paths again. your humor always made me feel like i wasnt alone in the world


That's about the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me, even better than that lady at Victoria's Secret who said "You've been measuring yourself wrong. You're actually a D cup," which made for a good day, too.

So now I've got a cranky squeeziness inside, with a little spot of hope.

And that's an improvement.


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