Saturday, September 02, 2006

Notes from an attempted vacation

So, an airport security guy just went by on a segway and this lady went "Look!" like it was the coolest thing she`d ever seen.

I didn't bring any makeup on this trip as I was concerned it wouldn't make it through security. At the checkpoint, the guy explained that liquids can be packed in to luggage. To me, that makes no sense. Couldn't exploding liquids do their jobs just as well in the luggage area? Explanations on that one are welcome.

Also, from a terrorism perspective, I'm sort of creeped out that my pedometer didn't set off anything when it went through the metal detector still clipped to my slacks.

I couldn't sleep and left the house at like three for a six thirty flight out of Baltimore. It turns out that was overkill but as I'm sitting here at 5:39 awaiting my flight, I can see that people are already at the gate across the way awaiting the 7:25 out of Memphis, so I wasn't alone in assuming security would suck more than it did.

Ok, segway guy has gone by three more times on that thing. He's starting to bug me.

Guh. They just announced that the jetbridge isn't working and they are hunting for a solution. My solution is "move the dang plane" since we`re the only flight out if this terminal until the 7:25 to Memphis. But nothing's ever that easy.


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Epilonious said...

"Couldn't exploding liquids do their jobs just as well in the luggage area?"

The thing about the binary explosive scare is that it needed a human to mix the two liquids and then zap it with a portable camera flash-unit.

Luggage scanners are trained to look for explosive contraptions (like "a shampoo and conditioner bottle piped together and wired into an alarm-clock/garage-door-opener/cellphone) which would need to exist for a binary explosive to mix and then be ignited on a plane without human intervention. If the explosive liquid was non-binary (gasoline)... it would get picked up by chemical scanners.