Thursday, September 14, 2006

Niftiness around the blogosphere

Apparently, sleep drug Ambien can have a really good affect on people in persistant vegetative states. Read about it here.

I'm delighted to hear this, but also worried that it will start the Terri Schiavo fight all over again.

I've always thought that body parts were an underappreciated subject for art. Apparently these guys agree with me.

Yesterday, I read the post about men of Miss Kitty's generation at Miss Kitty's and I emailed Linguist Friend and was like "Dude, go respond to Miss Kitty." The post was good, and all of the comments were really good. It's a great discussion, go read it.

A woman getting into an altercation at a bar isn't typically news. Unless you happen to be Instapundit's wife. Then it becomes a blogopshere-wide issue. Here's Happy Feminist's take.

Oh, and Ann Richards died. This really sucks. Katy-the-Wise once provided the prayers at the prayer breakfasts Richards had in New Orleans. Katy told me once that Richards, who was campaigning against a guy who wanted taxes to be sales tax only, had held up a huge can of Aqua Net (that's really hardcore old lady hairspray, for you non-Beauty-Tips-For-Ministers readers, it comes in a huge can...)and Richards had said:

"Do you know how expensive this can of hairspray would be if we adopted this sales-tax-only stuff? And I go through two or three of these a week!"

Ok, Katy-the-Wise no doubt tells it better, but you get my drift. Richards was a cool lady (follow the link if you want to see how cool,) and the world sucks slightly more without her.



LaReinaCobre said...

Ann Richards was pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Minor correction: Instapundit's wife (Dr. Helen) wasn't the one involved bar altercation. She criticized the woman involved in the bar altercation, thus starting the ensuing blogosphere controversy.