Thursday, September 21, 2006

CC presents the other side on the Cory Maye case

Here at the Chaliceblog, I’ve been pretty one-sided in my portrayal of the Cory Maye case. I don’t believe that Maye should be given the death penalty for shooting one of the (white) cops who came bursting into his house dressed in black clothing. As an African-American man who lived in a bad neighborhood, Maye was pretty justified in assuming that a bunch of guys who broke into his house in the middle of the night meant him harm. The fact that Maye was protecting his baby daughter only serves to underscore that point.

But perhaps I have never given the other side a fair hearing. The prosecutors claim that these cops were acting on the advice of a “reliable informant” who said that Maye was a drug dealer.

In the interests of fairness, I will now present a statement that was left on Maye’s defense attorney’s* answering machine by that “reliable informant:”

Yeah, this is Mr. Randy Gentry. Hey, I got to thinkin' about my friend. I got yo' message this morning, Bob. Y'all -- y'all threaten me all you want to and everything. I don't like fuckin' niggers from jump street but call me or whatever and I'll -- but the day I burn five cents on gas to help that fuckin' cocksucker Cory Maye get out of jail is going to be a hell of a damn day. But -- uh -- if you want ot talk to me like a fuckin' white man, you talk. But don't threaten me on bullshit. Get your NAACP motherfuckers -- I don't give a fuck -- niggers, bro, fuck niggers! But I'll tell you what. That's a good friend of mine they killed, buddy. I'll -- I'll tell you anything. I'll -- I'll be honest with you as fuckin' gum (?) street. But I don't like no motherfucker talkin' shit to me or about my friends. Alright, well look here. Call me today and look here. Y'all buy my fuckin' gas, the NAACP buy my fuckin' gas I'll come talk to y'all or whatever. But look here. I'm -- I'm a poor-ass motherfucker too, bro. Call me. You got my fuckin' number. Don't piss me fuckin' off.

So that’s the sort of man who is reliable enough to convince the police to burst into a black man’s house at 3am in Mississippi.

Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?


* Yes the same defense attorney who was fired without cause from his public defender job when he took Maye’s case.

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