Monday, July 24, 2006

UU Blog Carnival part deux

I'm hosting the UU blog carnival here in a few weeks. I will cite some posts that I think are particularly good, but I'd live to see posts on the theme of the carnival: Religion words that move us, religion words that don’t.

This is inspired, of course, by the recent discussion about “Lord” that sprung up in response to Peacebang’s post about how wonderfully evocative she finds “Lord.” But in the last month of so, we’ve also seen the Presbyterian church taking steps toward gender-neutral language.

Astrologer Rob Brezny reports that his drinking toast begins “To the Divine Trickster formerly known as God.”

We’re all talking about God and spirituality and using new words to do it.

Was the first time you heard God spoken of in female language a revelation for you? Are you rediscovering the power in the religious words of your childhood faith?

Or does your own difficult childhood make “God the father” a problematic phrase for you?

(I’m sure my Christian background has colored my examples. But you get the idea. People from non-Christian backgrounds doubly encouraged to participate here.)

Let’s talk about the language we use when we talk about faith.


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