Friday, July 07, 2006

There goes CC, tryin' to make the ministry just a bit more badass.

Beauty tips for ministers has a thread where ministers are talking about all the funky things people do in church (drink coffee, clip their nails, etc.)

A few people have talked about people who knit in church, how the sound of the needles can be a bit distracting.

Were I a minister, I think I could forgive that if only my congregant would knit me a pair of these:

Instructions here.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean that it would be ok to crochet in church or meetings, because a crochet hook doesn't click like knitting needles?

ogre said...

I would like to think that our Puritan ancestors might conclude that this displays a laudible industry. Waste not. Idle hands are the devil's tools.

If a minister's to the point where the "tick" of needles is considered rude and shocking behavior, perhaps they need to get a grip. Heavens, a mother might also do something like nurse a child. Or someone might whip out a notepad and scribble notes for... something, later. Perhaps a sermon, or an article. Or a book.

Jamie Goodwin said...

aww come on.. it wasn't mean spirited. I just meant that if someone is three rows behind me and I hear clickty-click for an hour it can be distracting.

But like I said, it has only happened once and she didn't even realize it at the time.