Saturday, July 15, 2006

And the list of people I've outlived continues to grow...

Longtime readers, by which I mean "people who were reading the Chaliceblog this time last year," will recall that every year I become a whiny bitch on my birthday.

For whatever reason, and although I hate people who are like this, my adjustment to the fact that very few people remember your birthday or care once you're over the age of ten has been rough. As I'm turning 28*, I've now had 18 years to get used to it, but for whatever reason I'm still cranky every year. My mother especially amazes me. She's told me several times that I was so painful coming out that she couldn't stop vomiting and she forgets the anniversary of that? I would think the being in so much pain one keeps upchucking would be like the Kennedy Assasination or the Columbine Shooting or another date that one simply doesn't forget. (She usually remembers within a few days.)

TheCSO went running off with a package last week so I'm guessing I'm actually getting a present on my actual birthday, which didn't happen at all last year. (I didn't get theCSO's birthday present until October. It kicked much, much ass when I did get it and I still love it, though.) I don't really expect presents from people outside my immediate family and best friends. (And indeed, TheCSO and I have two spiffy presents for my June-birthdayed Mother-in-Law, whom I thought was visiting sometime in June and didn't end up doing so, still sitting in the kitchen. I should mail those if this posting is going to have any credibility at all, shouldn't I?)

But I'm still cranky. And I probably won't write much today unless my mood improves because taking one's crankiness out on one's blog readership is a uniquely gen-x way of being pathetic.

You can help me out, though, if you've ever thrown/attended a baby shower that didn't suck. I scheduled Honorary-Sister-in-Law-Tina's baby shower for the day after my birthday in hopes that I could avoid whiny bitchitude by throwing myself into housecleaning** and room decoration. My baby shower book says I'm supposed to play cheesy shower games, but all the games they list sound stupid. I think I'm just going to provide food and chairs and let people eat and talk and give stuff to Honorary-Sister-in-Law Tina.

But if anybody knows any shower games that don't suck, I am interested.


*Yes, last month I inadvertantly wrote in a post that I was 28. I don't know why I start thinking of myself as a year older a couple of months before my birthday, but I do. I also do it for anniversaries and I have ALREADY told somebody that theCSO and I have been together for seven years when that won't be the case until December 5. (We've been married for slightly under two years. CC is a fan of long engagements.)

** If you've seen my house, you know the look I'm going for is "reasonably neat, as thrift shops go"


Anonymous said...

What would constitute a silly shower game that doesn't suck?
What about that one where you say something unusual that you have done, and you get a point for everyone in the room who has not done it, and lose a point for everyone who has done it? Or something like that....

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I always go sentimental for these kinds of occasions, and I don't know that this fits your "shower game" request at all, especially since it requires some shopping, but even so -

How about having an activity that people can do while they're talking & visiting, like having squares of fabric for every attendee, along with fabric markers/paints, and asking everyone to create a square with a message or image of love and hope for the baby, and then having someone who enjoys sewing make it into a quilt in time for the baby's arrival?

I love stuff like that.


fausto said...

Happy birthday, dear cc.

LaReinaCobre said...

I am behind in my UU blog reading, otherwise this would not be a day late.

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Another belated happy birthday wish to you! and I like anonymous's suggestion.