Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sigh. Internet Gambling Bill Passes


I don't like gambling either, but I still think we should have the freedom to do it if we want.

Anyway, you can look at the interesting vote split here.

I hate it when Don Young votes the right way. I really pretty much despise Alaska's entire congressional delegation and I don't want to feel any sympathy for them.



Joel Monka said...

You could do as a friend of mine does- he lives in Dan Burton's district, and has nicknamed him "clock", after the broken clock that's right twice a day. When challenged, though, he says it's more like a military-style 24 hour clock- right once a day.

Doug Muder said...

This topic relates to the discussion we were having a few days ago about the relative importance of individual congresspeople as opposed to the party leadership.

Especially in the House, the leadership of the majority party controls the agenda. Even if the individuals really are independent in their voting, the leadership controls what they get to vote about, and even talk about.

And so, nobody has to vote against national health care, it just doesn't come up. Investigations of the Haditha massacre don't come up. Getting executive branch people under oath and asking them what they're doing to our civil liberties -- it doesn't come up.

What issues do come up? Internet gambling. Flag burning. Banning gay marriage. That's the agenda you vote for if you vote for a Republican congressman, independent of his or her stated positions on the issues you care about.

Chalicechick said...

I don't want an internet gambling bill, but I think we could have done a lot worse. And we would have if every Republican in congress really were as bad as they could be.

Moderates in both parties are a good thing.