Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Niftiest Marriage Proposal Ever.

Gotta love this.



Obijuan said...

Quite nifty. And it'll remain nifty as long as they don't carry the conceit over into a theme wedding. Theme weddings are decidedly not nifty.

UU Jester said...

Obijuan, you surprise me.

I haven't officiated a themed wedding (well, not to that extent anyway-- almost all the weddings I officiate are themed in some way) but I've attended one. I thought it was quite "nifty".

You have some experience to the contrary?

Obijuan said...
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Chalicechick said...

I had a firm "No Muppets" rule for my wedding.

Anonymous said...

In some ways I find it a little unfortunate that all the uncertainty has been taken out of proposals. I don't know anyone who has proposed who wasn't 100% sure that she would say yes. The person I know who most recently proposed made it a surprise only by doing it a month earlier than he and his girlfriend had already planned to get engaged. But I guess that as long as men are expected to make them, it's fairer for them to know that they aren't buying a ring and putting themselves out there only to be disappointed.

Theme weddings can seem pretty cool from the outside, at least. My boyfriend encountered a woman in NYC who was studying Poison Ivy comics so she could find something to wear to a Batman themed wedding.