Thursday, July 27, 2006

Art. Nifty, nifty, art.

A favorite artist of CC's is Ron Mueck. Check out some pictures of some of his work.

(Link not work safe, unless you have an extremely enlightened workplace.)

The statue of the naked old guy was in the basement of the Hirshhorn Gallery here in DC for awhile.



Anonymous said...

Kind of eerie.
Could you read the comments in Russian? I can sound it out but I can't translate most of it.

Chalicechick said...

I can't, but I know LinguistFriend can. Is there a particular comment you're curious about?


LinguistFriend said...

The comments in Russian are rather slangy and generally not much above what you would get from Westerners. Recall that most of the Russians grew up on socialist realism in various artistic modes. My take in reading the comments was that it is hard for the Russian viewers to be sure how they should react to a particular breed of modern art.